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Vancouver, Washington Celebrates Neighborhoods!

Like its Oregon neighbor to the south, Vancouver, Washington celebrates and promotes community in each of its 66 unique neighborhoods. (For a map that allows you to click on each neighborhood for more information, visit

Every year, the City of Vancouver gives The Vancouver Sparkles Award to "neighbors who go the extra mile to make their neighborhood clean, green and a good place to live and work."  In addition to an article in their neighborhood newsletter plus recognition on the City website and other gifts, winners may be honored at a neighborhood picnic or cleanup day, winter holiday gathering, or at a general membership meeting. 

—PJ Impretus

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Unique Things To Know About Portland

*Portland is the craft beer capital of America - more microbreweries than in any other city in the world

*Pump your own gas and you will pay a $500 fine in Oregon. Washington rewards you for pumping your own by charging less for self-serve.

*3rd highest number of rainy days per year among major US cities

*But up on the mountain, the Portland area ski resorts offer year-round skiing (most years)

*Award winning mass transit system

*Portland voted down fluoridated water in 2013. Vancouver water is still fluoridated.

*Portland was rated the #1 bike friendly city in America by Bicycling Magazine in 2012

*Portland is the 5th most tattooed city in the US

*Portland is the only major US city with a dormant volcano within city limits

*Portland has no sales tax, but does have a state income tax. Vancouver residents pay sales tax (unless they cross the bridge and buy in Portland) but has no income tax

For more information, check out these links:

—PJ Impretus

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